Monday, December 22, 2008

My list of Copic Markers

No cards to show you today, but I wanted to share some information. I get a lot of questions about the colors of my Copic Markers so I decided to post "Irina's essential Copics list" ;-) . I use original markers, not sketch.. but this is just my personal preference..

Here are the Copic Markers that I use to create my cards listed by the color family.

Y11 Pale Yellow
Y13 Lemon Yellow
Y21 Buttercup Yellow
Y38 Honey

YR07 Cadmium Orange
YR16 Apricot
YR24 Pale Sepia

R05 Salmon Red
R11 Pale Cherry Pink (this is the color that I use for the skin tone for Tilda)
R20 Blush
R29 Lipstick Red
R32 Peach
R35 Coral
R39 Garnet

RV13 Tender Pink
RV14 Begonia Pink
RV34 Dark Pink

B00 Frost Blue
B02 Robin's Egg Blue
B05 Process Blue
B34 Manganese Blue
B41 Powder Blue
B45 Smokey Blue

BG05 Holiday Blue
BG10 Cool Shadow
BG34 Horizon Green

BV00 Mauve Shadow
BV04 Blue Berry
BV31 Pale Lavender

V06 Lavender
V12 Pale Lilac
V15 Mallow
V17 Amethyst

E02 Fruit Pink
E13 Light Suntan
E21 Baby Skin Pink
E37 Sepia
E29 Burnt Umber
E53 Raw Silk

G00 Jade Green
G82 Spring Dim Green

YG03 Yellow Green
YG17 Grass Green
YG63 Pea Green
YG67 Moss
YG95 Pale Olive

W2 Warm Gray No.2
W4 Warm Gray No.4
W6 Warm Gray No.6

0 Colorless Blender

All of these colors of Copic Markers, some of the Refills and the Booster Kits are available for purchase at Cranberry Hill Mercantile. If you do not live in the area you can place an order over the phone at 408-736-9151 during business hours.

I hope this is helpful to some of you..

:) Irina


Anonymous said...

Thanks Irina! I am loving the markers! I have 40 now, doesn't look like that many, but I can do a lot and faster than prismacolors! YEA! I'll be comparing your list to what I have after Christmas!

doina said...

thanks for the COPIC list; I'm running upstairs to see which ones I have ! I'm working on a Tilda card and i can come to class on Dec. 30 YESSSSSS! Love, doina

Kim said...

Thanks so much Irina....this is awesome! Now I can see what ones I should add first to my collection! :)
Holiday Hugs~ Kim