Monday, July 7, 2008

Stamping Top 50 - I am at 490!! now

I know, I know it takes so little to get me excited...

So, today I've noticed that my blog is ranked 490 by the Stamping Top 50!! That means that now my blog is showing on their website, and they ONLY display top 500 stamping blogs.

A little achievement, but makes me very happy!!

:) Irina


Anonymous said...


I THINK IT'S A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!!! Don't downplay yourself. After all, you're one of the most naturally talented people I know.




Jana Weaver said...

Congrats takes a LONG time to work your way up when you're just starting your blog, so don't worry. When they reset the numbers next year, you'll probably be much higher up!!! Keep up the great work!!

Karen N. said...

Congratulations, Irina! I really enjoy your blog, and your classes. At the gas prices these days, there aren't many people I'd drive over 100 miles roundtrip to take classes from!!