Friday, August 5, 2011

an easy way to WIN 36 COPICS!!!

Just because we can...  Just to be a tease...  We are showing you the PRIZE first!!  

And what a prize it is!!  A FULL 36 SET of SKETCH COPIC MARKERS!!

How can you get it??  We decided that it would be so very appropriate to have a CONTEST for you as one of the way to celebrate Marci's and Luka's First Birthday!!

What's the Contest? 

Create a Birthday themed card or project with our stamps. 

We have so many stamps to choose from, it should be so easy for you!!  

You have until the end of the month to post your cards to La-La Land Crafts blog.  

You can make as many cards as you and post them here as many times as you want during the month of August to increase your chances of winning!!  And with a prize like that you will probably want to enter a few times ;-)

And the best of all, we will let you, our fans decide which project deserves to win!!   We added this super cool feature to allow you vote on the entries.  FUN!!  You will need to "like" the ones you think are the best and the project with the most "likes" will WIN!!  So, if you enter, you might want to ask your friends and family to come here to our blog to vote for you.. just saying...

On September 5th we will count the likes and announce the winner.  Oh, I mean the lucky owner of the new Copic Markers ;-)  

:) Irina